In-Person Classes.

Act, Sing & Dance. Musical Theater classes provide the performer with the skills to find their voice. Actors meet weekly and work with a theater professional to rehearse an adapted musical or class theater play learning to hit their mark and find their voice in a non-competitive, safe, inclusive environment. The curriculum includes acting, singing, movement, choreography, theater games, improvisation, character exploration & development, scene study, speech & diction, collaboration, stage presence, stage direction, and performance techniques. For all levels novice to advanced. Offered in Winter-Spring & Fall Sessions.

I have recommended KOS to all of my friends and each and every one of them has been glad they had their child join KOS. I recommend KOS to you as well as your community if you are considering joining. You will, as well as your community, be enchanted you did.

Gilles A., KOS Parent
In-Person Classes.

Rehearse & Perform. Students experience singing, theater games, acting, and movement. The class is typically based on a chosen theme using songs from popular musicals or classic rock. An age-appropriate curriculum is designed for each group. All classes tap into each student’s natural storytelling ability while fostering teamwork, self-expression and confidence building. For all levels, in a non-competitive and joyful environment. Offered year-round.

Thank you for all your hard work setting up the zoom class! You are providing continuity and sense of community for our two kids at these uncertain times and we are so grateful. They are so happy to be part of the production!

Jean L.
KOS Parent, Musical Dramatics Virtual Class
MASTER CLASS (MC) Audition or Invite Only
In-Person Classes.

Rehearse & Perform. By invitation only, this class is designed for the teen actor with a passion for theater arts. Classes meet weekly, and rehearse a Broadway-style production. Each actor must be committed and focused. Actors work with a theater professional, learning to hit their mark and find their voice in a non-competitive and inclusive environment. The class culminates in a final production. Pre-requisite: Musical Theater Class. Offered in Winter-Spring & Fall Sessions.

My son has thrived in the Master Class! I’ve seen him transform from a child who loved being the center of attention to a mature artist who’s found focus, dedication and discipline. Thank you to Kids On Stage for providing this necessary outlet!

Kylie C., KOS Parent


In Person.

Private Coaching is beneficial for diving deeper into your passion and honing in on your skills. Vocal development, acting skills, audition preparation for film/TV/theater, college auditions, speech & debate, interview skills, self-confidence building and more. KOS provides customized, professional instruction for students at every level. Includes tailored feedback to student and parent. Available year-round.

My son has been with KOS for two years, but only recently have we decided to begin private instruction. Let me just say…wow! In the first lesson I saw his nerves melt away, but by the third he had no problem belting out that solo. I’m so excited for his class production in June.

Monica J., KOS Parent
In-Person Classes.

Act, Sing, Dance & Perform. Work with theater professionals in an inspiring and creative environment. Actors collaborate and work towards a final production. Everyone has a voice and an opportunity to shine. For advanced to novice performers.

I can’t tell you how excited Kyra was about this show. You guys do such a great job making everyone feel special and carving out exciting roles for the kids. And the kids were all amazing.

Jon M., KOS Parent
In-Person Classes.

Collaborate, Improvise & Sing. Work with a professional, trained in improv, vocals and acting. Collaborate and perform, incorporating songs from the week’s theme into the improvised scenes.

My two children can be quite the handful and often need an activity to keep them busy. After trying almost every extracurricular imaginable, I was referred to KOS. I cannot tell you the difference in their focus, commitment and excitement to rehearse, not to mention the improvement in grades at school. During their time with KOS, I’ve seen growth, maturity and passion for the craft, and I couldn’t be more grateful for that!

Jackie B., KOS Parent
In-Person Classes.

Focus, Rehearse & Perform. Don’t miss out on this summer intensive! Work with theater professionals learning “triple threat” training and skills – the ability to act, sing and dance. Personalized work with an acting coach, vocalist, and choreographer will strengthen your skills and celebrate your talents.

It goes without saying how highly we recommend Kids On Stage. The approach towards kids, their curriculum and what they offer in their programming for after-school, schools, camps and even their parties is amazing.

Noelle K., KOS Parent
In-Person Classes.

Spend your Holiday Breaks with Kids On Stage! Campers enjoy theater games, songs, choreography, and arts & crafts. Each camp day ends with an improvised, collaborative Play-of-the-Day where campers have a chance to play characters and scenes inspired by the week’s theme, or create their own. Campers are encouraged to share ideas and shine in a non-competitive, inclusive environment that develops self-expression, confidence, and joy! Open house on the last day of camp. Camps include:

  • Winter Camps (late December – early January)
  • Spring Camps (late March – early April)
  • Veterans Day Camp
  • Thanksgiving Day Camp
  • Presidents’ Day Camp

The programming is thoughtful, creative and most importantly, fun for my kids. They beg to go to KOS camps year after year.

John C., KOS Parent
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